WTB: HRAP 3, HRAP 3 SA, MeshBall balltop

I am interested in purchasing the following items

HRAP 3 (white ‘amazon japan edition’ only) or HRAP 3 SA:
looking for one of these either new or used in good condition. No major blemishes or scratches on the body.

Also looking for a sanwa 35mm “meshball” balltop (part no. LB-35-M) in either black or white (or both if you got em) I saw these on akihabara shop as limited items, and it looks like I was late to the party and white/black are already gone…

I would suggest here

I got mine from Ebay as well for a low price of $160 and was refunded $40 since the L2 button did not work.
I only bought this because of my SFIV TE being backordered
Make Me an Offer

He wants a HRAP 3…

As for the mesh balls, Akihabara has a new preorder up for some more coming in March. Get on it quick!

just sold one for a hundred

full sanwa buttons and meshball top

should have posted 2 days earlier

good luck anyway.

damn, sounds like I missed out on that last deal.

Thanks for the tip though, just placed my pre-order! Still interested in a HRAP3 SA if anyone has one to sell