WTB: HRAP and Magicbox/Dragonbox

I’m interested in a HRAP. I want it to use with my Xbox but from searching around online I’ve yet to come across those 2 converters that I’ve read on these forums work well with this Joystick and Xbox. If anyone has a HRAP and using it with one of these converters to play on an Xbox please give me some feedback on how well it works and what games you play as well. Any info on that would be appreciated.


HRAP2s don’t come with mirror top, only HRAP1 version A. If you want a white case with a mirror top, you’ll either have to trade someone with a mirror top or you’re going to have to paint your case.


Oops thanks for noticing that I meant Regular HRAP. :slight_smile:

well if you can wait, i believe videogamecentral.com has the HRAP on pre-order. they’re getting their last shipment for 9-15-07. i e-mailed them myself, and they confirmed that they were getting HRAPs.


here’s the link:



Hehe thanks for that link. I emailed them as well asking if they have any converters in stock that don’t lag that will work with a HRAP connected to an Xbox. Lets hope they do :rofl:!!!

i have a magic box for sale for 40$ shipped