WTB: HRAP cord

My HRAP cord has failed me as they always seem to do, so I need a replacement

Let me know your price, I need one asap for Evo

hey man i just took mine out of my tekken 5 stick its exactly the same pm me with offer, btw i can only except cash through the mail bcuz i have no paypal but i have good feed back u can check it in user feedback holla back

I have one too. Lemme know if you’re interested.

cock blocker:mad:

i dont think the t5 and hrap 2 is the same plug. i compared mine and the t5 has less wires i believe. maybe its just the turbos

I just replaced the cord on my HRAP2SA with a T5 cord. Works perfectly…haven’t checked the turbos, but I’d be pleased if they don’t work.

Don’t listen to Will976. I’ve had many US Tekken 5s in my possession over the years and HRAP2s.

The cords are interchangeable. I have 1st hand knowledge of this and I thought it would have been common knowledge by now.

I decided to buy Rock’s, sorry Pat! I just don’t have time to wait for a cash filled envelope to arrive, and have to risk it not arriving at all (post office workers are shady mofos you know)

no problem:shake