WTB: hrap ex cord


Lookin for the cord for a buddy as his completely ripped off in 2

Let me know on prices. Located in San Diego.


If you can wait until January I have a HRAP3 USB cord that I could sell you. It’s completely unused, because I use RJ-45.


Still looking.


I don’t know if this will work for you but it’s an option. I have a Tekken 5 panel modded to fit Sanwa parts. Panel itself I’d sell for $20, $40 if you want all the parts.

Sanwa JLF gate has to have holes drilled in it to fit.


That would be awesome except I wish it had the regular astro city layout and a easy way to mount a seimitsu.
What’d you use for the black coating? If you don’t mind me asking.


i got an HRAP3 cord if you want it. pm me =)


Yeah it is pretty much JLF only and the Transitional HRAP1 layout.

I have a store called “Tap Plastics” in my town that sells faux carbon fiber adhesive vinyl for about $10 a foot. They are a California only chain it seems.


Is a hrap3 cord gonna work for xbox? Excuse my lack of tech knowledge.

Oh ok. Thanks. I’ll check it out. I’m really looking for a matte black finish. Maybe they have one.




sending pics right now!


Got everything else. Still looking for the xbox cord…