WTB: HRAP EX for 360

Found! Thanks again.

Might be of interest to you. http://www.arcadeshock.com/items/pro-arcade-sticks~mas~hori~/hori-real-arcade-pro-ex-for-xbox-360-horixboxpro-detail.htm

Oh wow. That’s cheap! I might have to cop one of those too.

Nice, thanks for the link, and thanks to the people who also PM’d me. Gonna place an order now.


Has anybody actually received their stick from them yet?

oh wow thats not bad

I hate when they make different colors depending on the color of the face buttons on the pad :frowning:

This would be my first time dealing with them, but I’ve seen them mentioned a bunch of times on this site and on shmups. I ordered, paid, received automated recognition, and contacted them since I’ve never dealt with them before. A response popped up about an hour later from a live person, really professional and everything. I have faith that they’re legit judging from what I’ve gathered.

Dont hesitate from ordering from them baught a Mas from them awhile back and got it in a week.Hrap looks alright prob will get one to.