[wtb] hrap ex - hori doa/ttt2/scv xbox 360


I miss this stick. :frowning:

I hate everything else.


I have one that I’m willing to sell but I literally just moved from Germany so it got packed up by the movers. If you haven’t found one by then I’d have no problem selling you mine. It’s still brand new in the box if i’m not mistaken


I’d definitely be interested, I’ve spoke to a few people but seems unlikely they were willing to part(collectors, I guess). Lemme know what price works for you, etc.

What area of the states you move to? My wife is from Germany.


yea i’m trying to get rid of most of my collection now. I’m stationed in Ft. Polk, LA…def not by choice :frowning:


I feel you, I’m near NAFB in Nevada now. Sorry about the collection, I’ve done it a bunch of times and always end up replenishing at some point.


PM sent.


bump. dunno if anyone has any of these laying around, barely just found out about them.



I have a friend that’s selling one. Still interested? PM me! :slight_smile: