Stock parts are fine, shipping to Canada is required. As long as it’s a HRAP and it’s PS2 compatible, it fits the bill. Original box would be a plus, but isn’t necessarily required. I’m looking to spend around $130 USD before shipping, but if it’s already modded, I’m willing to spend more.

Bump. This is totally not the ideal time to be looking for a stick, but hope springs eternal.

Man I’m really torn between selling mine since it’s the only one I have left. http://i222.photobucket.com/albums/dd302/mcginnis_x/P1010736.jpg?t=1238103495

Let me know how much you’d offer to see if I could consider it. It’s all sanwa by the way.

Play-Asia has the Arcana Hearts HRAP available for 150$ plus ship. Sort of in your price range there I hope that helps.

I also live in Canada and I really wanted to pick a pair up but the shipping is roughly 70$Canadian and they only do USP, FedEX or EMS. I’m terrified when it comes to brokerage fees so I passed on the offer.

Best deal for a HRAP right now if you want a new one.