Wtb: Hrap1

I was so close to buying a 80 dollar shipped HRAP1 mirror top, but the guy didnt want to sell it anymore

Looking for a HRAP1 working in good condition.

Willing to pay 85 shipped

100 shipped if it has the sanwa button plugs installed on it.

Please help me out guys…need a stick for evo.

Why not get an HRAP2? Tons of them on ebay for $100, but people have made best offers as low as $65

I like the button layout better on a HRAP1

There is more space inbetween the hands instead of them being so close together. I would use my AE stick, but ive gotten so used to Sanwa joysticks and buttons that I cant use it anymore

Hey rodchan I have a HRAP1 barely used willing to let it go for 105 shipped. I have 8 white sanwa buttons in it and a white ball top. Also if u want can throw in a korean white bat top.

Hey Pimp,

If you can drop it to 100 then its a deal.