WTB HRAP2/3 faceplate/casing Sanwa stick/buttons


First of all, I have a tekken 5 stick but I noticed the faceplate needs a lot of work to mod. If the HRAP 2/3 faceplates can be used, I would like to buy just the faceplate but if not I am looking for a case with no PCB or sticks.

Also need a Sanwa JLF with mounting plate (shaft cover if you have)
6 sanwa OBSN-30 Screw in Pink.
Seimitsu Pink bubble
2 Sanwa Hole Plugs and Octagonal Gate.

The casing needs to be in good condition and stick parts unused.
May also need QD’s.


As for the faceplate being difficult to mod, what exactly do you mean? To mount a JLF all you do is drill holes into restrictor and make sure you file the tabs down for buttons. I assume you mean JLF because you are looking for one also.


First of all, difficulty is relative to the person and their experience. Second, there is nothing about it being difficult. It just says it takes work which some people would rather not go through.