WTB: HRAP2 or HRAP2:SA top panel only


I’d like to buy the metal panel from a Hori Real Arcade Pro 2 or 2:SA (without the stick or buttons). I’d be willing to pay $25 plus shipping via PayPal or money order.

Alternately I could trade an original HRAP1 panel (also without the stick or buttons), which is in very good condition. I can post pictures by request. Thanks!


Still looking to buy one of these.




You’re inbox is full. Here is a pic pm me when you get a chance


Unfortunately, I’m looking for either an HRAP2 or HRAP2:SA panel. They are slightly different, both in the way they look and also in the way that sticks are mounted to them. Sorry about that.

Anyone else want to make an offer?


This one? It’s the mirror like version


The cleaner, It says im gonna have to wait three days to five days for processing. But im gonna get the HRAP3SA panel.


No, that’s the HRAP1 panel; the same type that I have for trade/sale, actually. (Though mine is the silver one, as pictured, not the mirror version.)


blueNINE, I’d just like to throw out there that if the issue is how the joystick is mounted to the panel, then a Hori Real Arcade Pro 3: SA, HRAP3:SE, HRAP EX-SE, or HRAP EX-SA panel would all serve as perfect replacements since they’ve all got the Hori universal mounting plate that can house both a Sanwa or Seimitsu joystick.