WTB-hrap2 or hrap3 top metal panel

looking for one to put on my t5
lemme know if you got it

do the harp 2 and 3 panels fit on a t5? i would like to know if it does

probably. they would just have the hole for the HRAP turbo buttons unless you covered it with plexi or something.

Ha, this is exactly the thread I was going to make. The first offer should go to e_med, of course, but if anyone has another one for sale, send me a pm. I’m also willing to trade my T5 panel.


In all likelyhood, I will have an hrap 3 metal panel by Thursday the lastest. I’ll sell it for $20 shipped if you still need it by then. Let me know.

i also need one if anyone has it for sell

pm sent :smiley: