Wtb: Hrap2 Sa

I want to buy 24 mm" for 2 buttons. I pay you $10

I want this.


So you’re just looking for 2 black Sanwa 24mm snap-in buttons? I have those. PM me please.

Eclipsing Binary,

I want black/grey Hori stocks 24mm snap in buttons.

Where you get 2 black sanwa 24mm snap in buttons? no make in exited by Sanwa Co Ltd.

I make build my joystick for my secret project

I don’t like it white buttons. I need a grey button 24 "mm snap.


Yeah, I have those buttons you’re looking for. I bought a HRAP2 SA as well, and swapped those buttons out for white buttons. I can sell them to you.

Eclipsing Binary,

I send massage you.

i got my 2 sanwa 24mm snap ins same color from lizard lick

Doubtful considering Sanwa doesn’t sell 24mm black/dark hai (grey) buttons to the general public. They were an exclusive color for the HRAP 2SA.