Wtb: Hrap2:sa

I am looking for a HRAP2:SA in good/mint working condition.

Does it have to be a HRAP2SA not a HRAP3SA?

I have this I would be willing to let go.

Mine is a bit modded though. Only the buttons. PM me if your interested so I can get some pics to you.

how much you willing to pay for it? i have one in mimt condition only used it about 3 times. i still have the box too

sry, i am specifically looking for a hrap2sa

pm sent

Hey if Pots doesn’t pick it up, PM me how much you want for it. I might take it.

well im still waiting for him to respond to my other pm but i have two other ppl before who also want it

bump, still looking for a hrap 2 sa

I got one too. Mint in box. Never used as far as I know. But I have no idea what it’s worth. Brand new. I’m local too. Vallejo.

pm sent