Wtb: Hrap2

Hey everyone, first post and all.

I’m interested in purchasing a HRAP2, I’ve been looking all over the place for the past month and a half or so and it seems everywhere is now sold out of these wonderful sticks (Arcade Shock, VGO Network, NCSX).

Anyway, if anyone has one that they are interested in selling (preferably new) then please let me know. I live in the UK for those who would be shipping from outside the UK (most likely).

Let me know the condition of the unit and how much you’d like to sell it for plus shipping to the UK.


I would have loved to help you but I sold mine a few months back. I would suggest trying ebay. You can find them time to time for around 80.

Videogame Central will be getting some on 9/15.


^ those are HRAP1s.

I’m really not of a fan of the button layout, but if it comes to it I might have to go HRAP1.

Anyone else know of or have a HRAP2 for sale?

buy a custom for 40$ more, or a modded doa4 stick or somthing…

getting that HRAP plus Sanwa buttons will run like $170, might as well get a custom. You would probably get the custom before that HRAP anyway.

Depends on how much they’d be willing to ship for I guess, getting Sanwa buttons shipped individually from another company from the US could bring the total cost of the unit up to the price of a custom.

Does anyone know if finkle is back making sticks? I’ve been very impressed with his slick work for a decent price of around $160, but I know his grandfather passed away and wonder if he’s back in business with customs.

I’m still interested in a HRAP2 purchase though if anyone still has a unit to sell.

I checked the shipping for the guys selling the HRAP1’s and they are charging $45 to ship it UPS Ground to San Francisco. I’m pretty sure these guys are in the US so I have no idea why shipping would be that much. Obviously sending it to the UK will cost quite abit more.

Seeing as you are in the UK, you might want to check out this guy he is based in London. I don’t know what he charges but he has some real cool designs.