WTB hrap2

I’ve been looking around for one but every reseller seems to be out of stock. Anyone interested in selling me one?

I have one like new in box… don’t think I ever used it. I have like 8 of them. Willing to part with one of them. Just checked the ended recent Ebay auctions and they seem to be going for around $200… I’ll do $195 shipped. nonnegotiable.


Heh, you need to open a store :slight_smile:

8!? Yikes.

Sadly, He’s right. The going resale rate for one is about $200.

Why the hell do people pay that much when they can get a superior custom made stick for less!?!?

Unfortunately, it mainly has to do with time. Not many have the patience to wait around for communication, or build time and would rather just delve right in by buying a HRAP, VSHG etc.

I have a couple I might be able to part with, pm me, only if people knew they are like 80 bucks wholesale, prices might change.

Wholesale has absolutely nothing to do with it… Its called supply and demand. They are hard to find hence the high price tag. Wholesale could be 50 cents and they still would sell for the same $200 price tag.

Yeah, wholesale price only matters when they are available for wholesale. The fact no stores have them anymore means it’s a collector’s price now instead of wholesale or retail.

I know, Its not in my nature to blame one for making a dollar out of 15 cents. I know I have. I’m just sheding some light to how much people are willing to pay! No hate here.

I actually sold a couple used HRAPs for over $200 each on EBay WHILE resellers had them new for $80-100. People on EBay are just kind of stupid. My general rule for maximizing profits, if it’s a retail stick sell on EBay, if it’s a custom sell on SRK.

Yea, I noticed those strange happenings a while back, think some people weren’t aware of the “re-release”. Could’ve capitalized on peoples ignorance… :rofl:

haha, I’m sort of a noob regarding sticks but I did some reading and HRAP seemed like the best bang for the buck. I just need something decent to practice on because I can’t for the life of me play on a pad, and there’s a lot of things I suck at in terms of execution that I feel having a decent controller will help make a little less frustrating for me.

The RAP is really nice. One of the best sticks out there. Personally I prefer it over customs because of how accurate the CP is to the actual arcade CP.