WTB HRAP3 USB Cable, & Large KOFXIII Evo Shirt. WTT KoFXIII for Other Games


Exactly what the title says. I’ve got paypal.

Please post with which of the two items you have for sale, and the price including shipping to 95616.

Also, I’ve got four sealed copies of KoFXIII for 360 that I need to trade for PS3 fighting games for the Dromstruction inventory. The games I need are KoFXIII, UMvC3, & AE (not Super). I also have a sealed Catherine for 360 that I’d trade. I’d like to keep the values as even as possible and consider the fact that they are new, not used.



hey dude… i have a TE cable that has the disconnect if u want it… u can have it…


I don’t think the TE cable works with the HRAP, but I remember someone recently saying they need a TE cable. I’ll try to figure it out and FB you or something. Thanks Dailo!