WTB: HSFII , SFIII 3rd Strike, SFZ Fighters Generation, etc... (JPN PS2)

I’m looking to buy or trade for these games. I’m looking for the japanese originals first prints. Paypal is ready :slight_smile:

Capcom Classics Collection
Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition
Street Fighter III Third Strike
Street Fighter Zero - Fighters Generation
Vampire DarkStalkers Collection

Tradewise, I have some great shmups for trade (Radiant Silvergun, DoDonpachi, ect), pm me with offers :slight_smile:


I’ve got a Vampire: DarkStalkers Collection which seldom sees any action off the shelf, what’d be your offer for it?

I have a Street Fighter III 3rd Strike (Japanese version) no cd needed.
comes with kick harness (home made).

I am selling it for $400.00. I would perfer pickup.

Wait wait, you have Radiant Silvergun? What other shmups do you have for trade? I am willing to part with HSF2: AE (yes it is the original print in great condition, will take pics of it, so pm for those). And I’m in BC, so no worries for international shipping, unless Quebec changed some laws I didn’t know about. :rofl:


He’s looking for the Japanese original print PS2 games, not the arcade board.