WTB: HSS-0130


Case must be in immaculate condition. I’d prefer to buy it without the top panel, buttons/sticks/pcb, but I realize that isn’t likely to happen.


sending pm


You get those pics I sent you? Two chips in the casing on the bottom, hardly noticeable.


Sent you a pm Truckasaurus. Still looking.


Wow. What stick is that in the background?


Hori VLX.


I kinda figured, it looks so small from that pic that, haha.


Still WTB, on the off chance that anyone else has one they’d like to let go.


One last attempt. Please do hit me up if you have one you wouldn’t mind getting rid of.


Why don’t you try japanese auctions? You might even be able to get Per from Akihabara shops to get one for you and send it to you. Any way you slice it, your going to be paying between $200 - $300. I researched importing one but by the time I add up everything I would do to an HSS-0130, it would be about a $500 stick. I do feel that the HSS-0130 is the one stick missing from my collection though. Good luck!


If you hadn’t noticed this already…