Wtb hss-0130

Looking to buy the Saturn Twin Stick. If you have one you would part with pm me. Pics would be nice too.


i wish there was a place just to buy the base itself i want 1 too but gl on it if you find 1 i might post next :slight_smile:

Good man i will pray for u that u get one.

u too ibeatu.

still looking :slight_smile:

u just missed one. Gigazord bought one another forum called neo-geo in mint condition.


Next best thing if you can’t get your hands on one? Of course you would need to put soem work into it, but if your into modding this could be a fun project.


that thing is ugly and to mod it its lot of work and u have to make hole underneath to the joystick doesnt touch the metal. The base on that is too short.

rtdzign did 1 it looked nice

If you enjoy modding, it looks like it could be a fun project. If I didn’t get my hands on a Virtua Stick, I would consider it. And instead of drilling holes at the bottom, you could probably use shorter shafts like the ones from the Hori EX2 or the Wii stick, if you don’t mind the shorter shafts that is.

I had that. Definitely helped me out for marvel. :smiley:
I’d rather have a HSS-0130 instead.

I mean I would too (Well I do have one) but for the price, after putting parts in it and modding it, it would still be significantly less than an HSS-0130

Are the dimensions to that stick the same as the ps2 blaze sticks? Because I know its a tight squeeze to fit 2 people on that stick

any one know the demensions of both

i was going to give u the dimesion ibeatu but i dont have measure tape.

I’ve owned one of those Blaze sticks. They are not a poor man’s Twin Stick. I’d pass.

i got a blaze i hope the deminsions on the hss-0130 are bigger

Good luck man.

I’ve given up on my search and decided to just buy a Sega Blast City panel and make my own case out of wood.


hey dont give up i found mines not too long ago.