WTB : images for clear buttons

Im lookin toward to put some images inside my translucide pushbuttons but doesnt know here to find any, im lookin forward those ones http://www.unisportdm.com/sf/1.jpg and http://www.unisportdm.com/sf/2.jpg if you have any other to offer/show publish them in the forum so i can print them leave infos… thx

Im taking art request, I can arrange those on a custom artwork for you if you’d like?

yeah i would need 3 of each , 3 of the punch and 3 of the kick and 2 special for the triple punch and the triple kick i can give u $$ for that if your askin to get paid

yeah and its for 30mm buttons

Alright just pm me those, labels and w.e image you want to be on your stick besides that like a certain character, a wallpaper or background, etc.