WTB Inpin/pelican ps2->ps3 , hrap/te or something case, WTT hrap 1 cover 4 new cover

Edit: inpin purchased. still looking for rest

Looking for any case bigger than like an SE case. So TE/hrap/random custom, maybe a modded T5. Not looking for anything fancy just want to replace my busted up TE case that got abused when I was first learning :lovin: .

Looking to trade my HRAP 1 cover (I think its hrap 1). Anyways its the cover where the last 3 buttons are usually used cause the first 3 are slanted too much. Looking for the sega layout cover or w.e. The one thats used on all the new ones. My cover is gray/metal. Looking for anything but mirrored.

PM Sent

Hraps 2 and up all use the sega layout Vani. Unless you get a panel made by arthong.

Ya wasn’t sure what the layout was called but I want the new one where the 3 first buttons are comfortably usable. Also I ordered an inpin a few hours after I made the post since the shipping wasn’t as bad as I thought. Thanks for the offer though nobus.