+++++++wtb Ipod+++++++

looking to buy an i-pod. post here if you have something or send a PM.


my friend has an itouch for 250. is that good for u? or i can get u a 8gig video nano for 60.

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I have on 30 GB Video… doesn’t charge in a computer though. Aesthetically it looks really good. If you want pics I’ll be glad to take some for you. I’ll also include a wall charger.

EDIT: I can’t find my wall charger, but I’ll include almost everything it comes with originally:
-the box
-pc cord
-dock peice

and some extra stuff

-a transparent case

Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll give you a price.


i have like a 3rd gen 40gb.

Battery wont hold charge and HD is noisy.

You know you want it.
$30 shipped?

I have a 30 gig video as well. The one that came from that pirates of the carribean box. It charges on the pc and has cosmetic scratches from being in my pocket all the time. The screen itself is PERFECT; I put a screen cover on it the day it was taken out of the box. Let me know if you’re still interested for a price.