WTB: Japanese or modchipped Dreamcast. green goblin sticks, and SSF2X

basically i want to play the japanese import version of super street fighter 2-X. i will need a japanese imported dreamcast console, or a US one with a mod chip. i dont want to use a boot disk. and i also would like 2 green goblin controllers. if anyone has these items, let me know what you are looking to get for it.

Good luck with your search. SSF2X will be a challenge to find at a decent price. I’ve seen it go for up to 150 lately for a new copy, so scoop it up for 80-120 if possible for a used copy.

do you already have the game? the boot disc is not really a hassle if you already have the game and a dreamcast. it takes like 5 seconds.

Ya, but 5 seconds, times once a day for 5 years adds up. I know where he’s coming from. Also he doesn’t ahve the game-- this is a WTB thread :]].

i did get the game off ebay today for $70. not too bad. just need the console now and 2 sticks. still want to avoid the boot disc as i dont see me using the dreamcast for anything other than SSF2X. i would prefer an imported japanese dreamcast but will take a modded one as well.

Wow, must’ve been labeled pretty bad for it to be that hard to find-- it’s not showing up under completed listings at all.

Good find though. You won’t be disappointed, the game is amazing on DC.

i found this, it’s on another board. http://www.the-nextlevel.com/board/showpost.php?p=1064467320&postcount=1

heres the listing i got it from…

im kinda nervous since its coming from japan…but the sellers rating is good. hopefully i dont get burned.

well, that same seller has Japanese Dreamcasts with box for $50.

his shipping prices to the US are over $50 though.

ouch, i did not even look at that. nm then :slight_smile:

Shipping from Japan is notoriously bad, but, seller’s know that too-- maybe you can work a deal with someone to ship you a DC, and 2 agetecs.