WTB- Japanese PS2


Been wanting one of these for awhile. PM me with a price if you have one sitting around that you want to get rid of.


You most likely just want a Japanese one, but FYI, you can legally buy Japanese games and use Swap magic on them, if you legally own them. Otherwise, I recall someone selling a Japanese one recently, maybe its still around.


I know all about swap magic but selling it is illegal as per the rules so I’m just asking for a japanese one.


No its fine, I like the fact you want a Japanese one, and are dedicated enough to invest in one, though AFAIK Swap Magic isn’t illegal (might not be allowed in this forum), it can be used for illegal purposes but it itself isn’t. Its unlicensed so thats dubious, however so is Action Replay, Gameshark, and those are sold in malls, etc.

So its up to you but you can certainly own a swap magic heh.

Same thing for HD Loader, its just a tool.


I know they aren’t illegal in general but the rules say:


  • Modded Consoles. This includes modchips, swap discs and all other modded stuff.

I have a 60 GB PS3 anyway, I just want it to play Japanese games.


Good eye. :tup:


I have one.