WTB Japanese Style Candy Cabinet

I’m looking for a decent Candy Cab. Looking to spend $750 total including shipping or can do local pickup within a reasonable distance. I live in KY so keep that in mind.
Damn, these are hard to find without spending over $1000 with shipping.

Check out this thread


I have checked that out… Not seeing any ones available for $750 shipped…

Sorry I assumed you had not seen it. I searched a lot too but I finally decided to go with Matsu since he was my cheapest option. Good luck on your search.

It is very hard to find candy cabs if you’re anywhere but the west coast or Japan.

That being said, look here

I bookmarked them after seeing them selling one on ebay a few weeks ago. I looked at their website today and there are two cabs, one for 650, one for 850.

Now if you have a friend with a pickup, you’re golden.

nikkos: That place is rotten to get ahold of.

I would buy a container of these things if I lived in Los Angeles still. It costs even more to get them from the closest port to me (New York) to get to TN.

Yea, there’s a guy who does bring a bunch over, I linked him in the other thread. I was lucky enough to find a couple candy cabs in the arcade room of the Minnesota State University Moorhead student union. Had a great time playing Samurai Shodown (4?) on them. I wonder if they’re still there (6 years ago now)

Might be tough to get ahold of that company, but probably the only option considering where you live. Here in Minnesota I’ve seen multiple Neo-Geo upright arcades at great prices on craigslist (there’s a beautiful one for $150 atm) But I’d much rather have a sit-down style. Someday I’ll find one, or will end up building one.

Or I’ll win the lottery and just build an arcade to hang out in :slight_smile:

Yea, I have tried to contact them several times but they don’t seemed interested in customer service. Infact they won’t even respond to my emails. Grrrrr… Its a long drive to go down there to find out that they don’t have what I’m looking for. Funny thing is they could make decent money off me doing very little. :rolleyes: