WTB: JLF empty "Box"


For some reason I never got a hold in a Sanwa JLF box. It must be in “Mint” condition. Pm you offers. Thanks.



Kuro Buttons?


Yeah lol They are both Japanese so I got confused lmao Thanks




I’d buy the other four if someone wanted to get rid of all eight. :wink:


Not longer looking for Kuro buttons.


Change the title to recycle the post and keep it SRK TO clean :tup:


Shit bbb you shoulve messaged me like two days ago. I just let my kid have it to play with it. I woulve shiped it for free too lol


Lol. Where you got it?


I got it from slaycruz a long time ago. He sold me jlf in box lol ask him where he got his jlf.


Still looking