WTB: Jlf Mount Screws

I can’t find the M3 screws anywhere. need 4 of them. pm me and we can work something out.

Yo, sure you’ve already tried. But I got my m3 screw 8mm (some use 10mm) at Ace’s Hardware. Both home depot and lowe’s didn’t have them but Ace’s Hardware did.


pm sent…

same here Ace had them…I love my Ace hardware… they have shit big box stores dont have and it’s easy to find someone to help do simple cutting and drilling.

i wish i had one of those in my area.

Yeah, I was looking for these too. Thanks for the heads up

Went to my local True Value hardware store and brought my JLF stick, they were extremely helpful, and they had exactly what I need for fasten the mounting plate to the JLF