WTB: JLF Octo gate


I’m sure someone out there might have an extra? Not looking to spend more than a few bucks please.


Bump, still need one.

Also is there such thing as a round gate for a JLF? I don’t think so, but if there is I’d like to pick one up as well.


I don’t have an Octogate that I am not using, but just to share information… A round gate is only available for Sanwa’s JLW series of joysticks.


Or you can modify like M K L.

I think is cool.


nvm can’t sell yet


I bought an octo-gate a while back, but then I decided I prefer the stock square gate, so I’ll see if I can find mine. I really don’t know where it is right now, but I’ll look.

If I find it, would $6 shipped be fine with you?




If there is an extra I’ll take one as well.