Wtb: Jlf pcb


title says it all I’m looking for a JLF pcb because mine has died unless there is a way to get a new stock PCB sent to me from madcatz through warranty.


I have one, but it has a bit of solder on it, it works fine, 10 shipped.


Well as long as it works I don’t see the big problem.


May I get pictures of it?




I’ll probably buy it. Will you be able to remove the solder off the harness?


man, is not that hard, but i have all my tools in the gararge.


I have no desoldering tools sorry for the hasstle. So it’s 10dollars with the shipping? Could I get your paypal to send you the money?


PM sent


i have a slightly used one with no solder on it in working condition id ship for 15$


pm’d address and thanks esjihn I’ll keep you on note if I need another =] I’ll try to send the money tmrw.


LizardLick sells new ones for $12.95.


What category is it under?


Go to LizardLick.com -> Arcade Parts -> Joysticks

Do a search for “TP-MA Replacement PCB Switch Assembly”. It is near the bottom of the page.