Wtb: Jlf-tp-8yt


I need a new JLF for my stick, and because every store in the world is out of Sanwas JLF Im checking here for luck.

if any of you got a joystick to sell, with mounting or not, balltop or not, justy give me a holla :slight_smile:

paying PayPal ofcourse


Doesn’t http://gamingnow.net/ have them?


it does not say wich JLF it is ;/


You should shoot em an email and find out, seems like your next best lead besides everyone here. :3 Good luck though


i got 4 in stock right now.


check pms please


A JLF is a JLF…


If you buy from Gamingnow.net, buy the mounting plate too and you’re good to go for your SE mod.