Wtb jlf


WTB used jlf, i don’t even need a balltop.


How “used” are we talking here? Like, one that can actually be used and is in good working condition, or like one for parts and such…? And what kind of price range?


i mean, used is fine. used to the point that I can’t use it in a budget stick… no : /

they’re only like 22 new on LL without a ball-top. I don’t need a harness or pcb, just something that can be thrown in this budget stick.


Will this work for ya?

It’s seen heavy use in an arcade cab in Japan (according to the previous seller), and it shows. However, given some cleaning and most likely a re-lubrication of the pivot, it’ll play great (i.e. from what I can tell from playing on it for a little while, the microswitches seem to still be in wonderful condition). Considering that your quote of $22 from LizardLick doesn’t include shipping, how about $18 shipped for it?


Oh wow.
I actually do want that.
But that for $18, not so.


$15 shipped sound like a fairer price? Also if Avidist decides he doesn’t want it, I can totally sell it to you instead.


I’ll definitely take it if JDM hasn’t gotten it yet. I PM’d you and stuff. thanks.




At least that will get used by Avidist.
I was going to just collect it.

The white Actuator had me.