[WTB] Joystick Box

Hello, I’m looking for an arcade box, just the box. No wires, no buttons/joysticks, no artwork, no nothing. Just the empty box with contact paper or paint I guess. Would anyone here know where I can buy one? I’m gona hit home deopt see if they can build me one, but I would rather prefer something made by the pros. If anyone has one for sale, How much would we be looking at? I also know that u can make an arcade stick out of practically anything, but I want a real arcade box for now.

in all seriousness try the trading outlet

im working with some right now to build some boxes with me

how much are you willing to spend?

LOL Home Depot won’t build you shit. Theyll sell you what you need (if you know what you need) but thats about as far as it goes.

Moved to trading outlet.

Home depot will not build you a box, however they will make straight cuts if you have the dimensions, and then you can just assemble the box from there. They will not make very small cuts or cut on a diagonal. There are plans and dimensions if you google around.

there are guys that make custom sticks, such as Dreaded Fist and Finkle, who can more than likely make a blank case for you. Just check their threads.

unfortunately, DF has announced his retirement (check his link on the first page of the trading post

Check your PMs