WTB : Joystick Case with these specs


Looking for a joystick case (maybe two) with these specifications :

Must accept standard Sanwa jlf joystick
Must accept Sanwa/Seimitsu screw in 30mm buttons
Only 6 buttons on face of joystick (not 8)
Must have Vewlix button layout
Must have total of 6 holes on the side
(5 for the remaining buttons and 1 for neutriks usb passthrough)
Must NOT be in too bad a shape

Thats pretty much it. Don’t care what its made out of as long as it isn’t full plexi or a briefcase stick. I know I can get a custom builder to make this. But I’m interested in seeing what people here have without having to wait for a custom builder.

Please, if the case doesn’t have the above specs, I’m probably not going to be interested. Thanks in advance!