WTB: Junk PS2 for parts

Wanting to buy any cheap fat ps2, doesn’t have to work as long as it has all of the pieces of the controller ports intact and usable for repair. Not looking to pay too much, don’t care if the face plate is jacked from swap magic or whatever else you did to it. Post or PM, thanks.

EDIT: I have paypal.

How much are you offering?

any parts you’re looking for? i can just take off the controller parts.

I need the ribbon connector that goes from the guts of the ps2 to the controller ports.

I will have to check what used ps2s go for at gamestop / ebgames before offering a price, but it would be considerably less than that. I don’t think too much more than 10 shipped since I"m taking trash off your hands. I’ll have to look around soon and get back to you.