WTB Ki Auras... Fastest way to grind gold?

Hey guys, in ur experience, what’s the fastest way to grind gold? I play arcades instead of vs. to grind every bit of gold but it’s still a chore… any tips? levels in SC?

I play SC on hard mode. I go to Mokujin’s stage (goto Leo’s stage on hard and beat up the Mokujins) with the highest gold and item drop gear I have. Once you get to the part where the floors break, you just spam floor break and bound moves on the nearest guy, and when the floor breaks everyone dies and drops their stuff.

Running around with +400% gold gear, I get about near 3 mil G’s a trip. Under 5 mins a trip.

vs Ghost would be the next best, once you start hitting up the higher rankings + random slots. Vs Ghost modes also lets you practice stuff.

yeah I found that out last night when I was doing mokujin’s stage, and I was doing in on Medium with sunglasses that make item drops occur 150% more often, and 360%+ to money. I was getting 1,000,000 by drops alone. King’s d/f+1 all day to break that ground and it nets you tons of treasure, and healing items for the mokujin fight