WTB: Kidrobot Vega and M. Bison (Claw and Dictator)



Balrog x 1
Guile (Green) x 3
Guile (Blue) x 1
Blanka (Green) x 1
Ryu (Grey) x 2
Zangief (Blue) x 1
Zangief (Red) x 1
Ken (Red) x 1
Honda (Blue) x 1

M. Bison (Dictator)
Dhalsim (Blue)
Blanka (Blue)
Chun Li (Blue)

Note: I live in the UK and do all of mytransactions through Paypal. I have also bought from people on here before (But everyone’s feedback got wiped with the change-over D:)

Bison is going to be hard to come by. I have seen him on ebay going for around 200 usd.

shrugs No harm in trying. Vega’s my first priority anyway.

As I said before I’m waiting on a case of these. I’ll put a thread with all my extras. Should be here by the end of the week.

Awesome! Though what were you looking for, Price-wise? Just hoping I get in on time ;_; I have a habit of missing threads (Being in the UK, time differences, guh).

Price im not sure, we’ll have to see as you get a blind box for $10

Okay cool. Well, once you’re decided, and the threads posted I’ll give you a knock.

i just recently bought a blind box off ebay, so if I get some extra’s ill hit you up.

I just want to say to all of those hopefuls, good luck.
I’ve bought 8 blind boxes thus far, and I got: 2 Red Ken, 1 Blue Ken, 2 Red Giefs, 1 Blue Gief, 1 Blue Blanka, and 1 Balrog. Luckily I’ve been able to sell all the ones I don’t want on eBay, but my goal is to get at least 1 of each character (not including Vega and Bison).

I’m hoping, fingers crossed. I’m gonna try and hassle the local forbidden planet here (They sell looooaads of kidrobot stuff) and see if they can import some. Whenever I’ve asked for stuff, It’s usually been pretty unsuccessful…but I can hope haha.

Planning on going to Kidrobot store and buy couple of SF toys to invest in them… I’ll let you know if I get a extra vega (planning on keeping Vega lol)

Thanks :3 I’m keeping an eye out everywhere since my local store was all like “Nah. We’re not getting them. US only.”

Great news, since you’re an american-started company, Forbidden Planet! >.<

My brother has a Vega. HE is looking for a Balrog actually…Dont know how much you are willing to go for the price.

Well, toss me an offer :3 I’m not really willing to pay ludicrous Ebay prices because everyone has it in their head that people will pay $80 for it and $200+ for Bison smh. I mean, E.Ryu is going for $50 which is understandable being a comic con exclusive buuuut…no.

Vega is rare too so he goes for a good amount. I have a Blue Guile i don’t want but I’m looking to trade for any boss, Dhalsim, or ken.

Diff is, Bison’s 1/80. Vega isn’t.

Do you guys have a link or breakdown the odds for each character?

1/40 Balrog (American)
1/20 Blanka (Blue)
1/20 Blanka (Green)
1/20 Chun-Li (Pink)
1/20 Chun-Li (Blue)
1/20 Dhalsim (Brown)
1/20 Dhalsim (Blue)
1/20 E. Honda (Blue)
1/20 E. Honda (Red)
1/40 Sagat
1/20 Guile (Green)
1/20 Guile (Blue)
?/?? Vega (American)
2/20 Ken (Red)
1/20 Ken (Blue)
1/20 Ryu (Gray)
2/20 Ryu (White)
1/20 Zangief (Red)
1/20 Zangief (Blue)
1/80 M. Bison (American)

Possibility Vega is 1/40 too due to all the Shadaloo characters only being single colour, unlike the rest that have alt colours.

Nobody knows the odds of Vega, the box says ?/?? just like jdm said.