WTB: KOF Posters

I was wondering if anyone had any KOF Posters they’d be willing to sell. For sizes, im not familiar with them but i was hoping they be at least bigger than magizine spreads??? Id be interested in buying some other fighting game posters. I live in Canada.

On a side note, anyone know any online stores that sells these kinds of things???

Try GKworld.com They usually have quite a bit of different ones.

Thanks, looked at the site but the posters there weren’t what i was looking for. I’m looking for the promotional posters not posters of KOF characters on them. Sorry for confusion

Arcade Shock?

I believe Arcade Shock sends you a free poster if you order something from them. I got a free KOF poster (gave away to a friend) back when I ordered an HRAP2 from them.

I may have a couple that I picked up from various E3’s and Comic Con’s… I’ll check