WTB - Kuroda DVD's

Does anybody have these to sell or does anybody know where I can order them?

Is it only a tutorial of ‘Q’?

Is it in English?

pretty sure its videos of kuroda playing every character.

I’m also interested in these.

ill pay good money, bad money, crack, whatever anyone that has these wants for them. i want to see these even more than i wanted to see batman.

if i get these im youtubing them so no one else has to put up with this bullshit

Thank you. I’m beginning to believe these mysterious DVD’s don’t exist.

somebody seriously needs to step up and hook it up!
I will pay top dollar for that Kuroda dvd

edited, thanks for all the pms i got yall covered.

cool, hope you got me dawg :slight_smile:

same here

openly talking about bootlegging stuff, better watch your back.

Let’s be honest here, we’re a community of people who play emulated licensed games for free without permission…

Sharing of information on where files are uploaded to (torrents,youtube) w/e is not illegal.

Technically these aren’t available for anyone outside Japan, plus the fact that you have to personally go to the arcade in Game Center to buy them makes them extra difficult to obtain, notice the extra difficult, not impossible. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: There are currently 16 DVDs out labeled and dated as follows:

?07.09.24?Gouki (Poor Audio Volume)
?07.09.30?Ryu (Denjin)

I believe there are more to come, especifically Urien and Chun-Li, i don’t know when or if they will be released.

Original info page here: http://gamesakura.blog118.fc2.com/

there is a urien one, i have seen the cover