WTB: Lami-Label for Australian Customer =)


Hey all, anyone one out there willing to do a lami label for me?

Being in Australia there’s no Kinkos and no one offers this kind of service.

Please let me know if anyone can help :smile:




How much you willing to pay?


how much are they worth over in the US?


Pfft >_> I couldn’t tell you. I’m going to get mine done in a few days and figured that if you wanted I could just get yours with it lol.


When I went to Kinko’s to get my art printed off, it was about $3, iirc.

not trying to butt in, just saying


i dunno does $10USD incl shipping sound fair?


Which stick are you trying to do? If its for the TE, go to Arthong’s thread, he laser cuts the templates for you. Costs about $12 plus shipping, but it comes out perfectly.


it’s not for a TE, i need a custom sized one

19cm wide and 13cm high, dont know what that is in inches, 7.5" wide 5.1" wide ?


Yeah, you’d need Kinko’s. Its going to be a while before I make another run, just did it Friday, someone here should be able to help you out though.


thanks i hope someone can help please PM me if you can =)


Any takers on this? I’m not heading that way until after I get an 8 button stick from qcf, which could take a bit, need to wait until I have the plexi in hand to get measurements for a template.
@kandiman, check out shipping rates to Australia from the US, the more legwork you put into getting info, the more likely someone might step in.


please someone help, i’m sure it won’t cost more than $5 to ship off a piece of paper =)

if $10USD incl shipping sounds fair please PM me