WTB: laptop

Looking to buy a gaming laptop, need to be able to run FFXI, CSS, L4D2 smoothly

PM Sent

still looking

Still looking

Curious to know whats your budget ?

well now that i know what im getting back from my taxes, been raised to about $1000

did you ever read my PM?

Hey Chouji, at that budget you could buy a brand new one for pretty cheap. I have this laptop (below) from bestbuy and I’ve been using it for about a month. It is one helluva workhorse! I can run Crysis on high spec and it plays L4D2 flawlessly. It’s a great value. My ONLY gripe with it is that the battery runs out very quickly when unplugged!That’s mainly because I crank everything up including WiFi and stuff. I keep it plugged in though. I use it for gaming, video editing, music recording and watching movies. It’s awesome. If you could get over the low battery life or you can find a solution, then I’d highly recommend it. The battery wasn’t a problem for me because I always keep it plugged in either at home or at work. Duocore cpu E8700, 1gb nVidia videocard, 6GB ram, 500GB hard drive= good to go!

i did