WTB: Left Handed Case Replacement for Dreamcast/Agetec Arcade Stick


I’m a lefty and the DC arcade stick is my favorite stick. Before I mod it with new parts, though, I’ve been wanting to replace the bottom case and top cover with a left-handed drop in replacement. I am looking to buy two parts: the grey cover on top and the plastic cover underneath which has the slots for the buttons and joystick.

If some of these exist and you have one, I’d love to buy it. If you happen to be able to custom make stuff like this I would pay handsomely to be able to have a left handed DC arcade stick.

P.S. If you custom make a case, might as well make it to fit a Sanwa JLF and Sanwa buttons… thanks! If it’s possible to fit the depth of a Myongshin Fanta joystick in a DC arcade stick case let me know because I love those.

Located in New York USA


My mistake, Goodluck!


Uhm i think he wants to buy. Hes allowed to buy what he wants not sell.


looking for any lefty 6 button case w/ button curve, really
send me a pm