WTB: Limited Edition Simpsons Xbox 360

Looking for this specific console but not quite at this price:


And yes, I am insane. :coffee:

there is only 100 of these. that will probably be your only chance you get one.

yea james is right. limited to 100 is fucking insane. go look at the stuff the guy sells, it’s apparent he’s an ubber hardcore game collector.

if i were you i’d just do an at home project with your 360 and make it look like it. only cost you like 50 bux and some skills.

Holy shit, you could buy the cab at the price he is selling this game.


for reals. i’ve talked to this guy before he easily has one of the biggest collections in the nation a few years ago. if i remembered right he has to get rid of his collection for hospital bills.

speaking of a cab i bought an mk4 cab last week with a few games for only 200 bux.

His prices seem all over the place… Some of them are very reasonable, and some of them are just way over what things tend to go for. That Simpson’s xbox is honestly pretty fair, with only 100 consoles made you’re not going to get one cheap.

for marvel? this guy is insane

the stuff he sells is all collector’s. it’s not stuff you buy, open it up, and play. most of his stuff is for people to buy and have it for bragging rights basically. the prices aren’t fair that’s for sure but that’s the market for sealed games that are rare. it’s either you buy at his prices or you dont ever find it in that condition any where else. boils down to that lol

He has a fair number of opened but mint games as well, and they’re the ones that seem the furthest above standard going price. I gave up collecting a few years ago, due to other expenses, but I still drool over random stuff like this fairly often… :wink: I still stand by the comment that his prices are all over the place, from very fair to unreasonably expensive.

yea for sure. alot of his opened stuff is just:looney::looney::looney:. i collect rare sealed games myself but dang he wont even put best offer on his auctions lol. hardcore.:rofl:

just a fancy art work :rolleyes:

Yeah I know, I think i was just buggin out. I think i’ve come to my senses now. It’s not even an HDMI 360 and for that price I could buy an elite, and a PS3. It was nice to pretend though, just for one day. :coffee:

I think I will just look for a 360 less than $100 and get it signed by matt groening. Or just have matt groening’s love child turned into an x box

jesus that is a sick xbox tho

that guy with Marvel tried to sell it on Amazon.com at that price. I posted it here, so he must have gotten alot of “bad” feedback.

Cant wait until MvC2 comes out this summer on XBL/PSN and kills the value. :lol:

shensss proof?

instead of paying $1200 just get your 360 airbrushed.

I just found this guy online, just right now. Literally.