Wtb: looking for an arcade stick mississauga/toronto


Hi im looking for a stick in the mississauga, etobicoke area. I would like sanwa or semietsu parts, and an octagonal gate. let me know if you have something I can consider. thank you.


I can make you one its 250 a box which includes paint , plexi holes drilled and shipping. if you want a color I do not have or something special I will charge extra. If shipping is more then 12 dollars I will charge more also. If you want me to wire everything up for you its 50 dollars plus the cost of the parts. I take Paypal and do not take any of your money until I mail the completed item. I show you pictures the whole time I am building it. the only time I touch your Money is to buy parts. So if you want me to wire it and parts cost 60 dollars then the final price is 360 I would take 60 dollars to pay for the parts




I have a chun li te that’s dual modded for ps3 and 360. Just incase. I’m at sauga too.