WTB : Looking for stick modder in NYC (or tri-state area) for Dual-Mod


Title says it all. I’m looking for a modder in NYC or the tri-state area to dual mod my Razer Atrox for PS4 compatibility. Additionally, I’d also like to add some buttons with LEDs that light up when the button is pressed. Looking for neat quality workmanship. Send me a PM. Thanks.


Hey bud, there is a Local Modder thread in TechTalk section of these forums for this in case you want to shop around… but in the meantime…

I live in NYC and go to Next Level Arcade in Brooklyn (D Train to 9th Ave). @networkingyuppy has done 5 dual/tri/quad mods for me and my buddies, all very clean work and even have a 90 day guarantee! I have had him add external RJ-45 jacks and action/guide buttons as well, all neatly drilled and arranged.

He used the Hori Fighting Commander 4 and the GGXRD pad to enable ps4 on our sticks and mentioned he has done dozens using the dualshock4 as well.

He seemed excited when I brought up LEDs to him but we haven’t done any on my setups yet.

Every arcade stick I brought to him had its own peculiarities but he worked them out!

Have fun! -Ryan


I can also vouch for networkingyuppy, (aka BEN fong)
Does really clean work