Wtb: Ls-32-01

Everywhere seems to be out of stock. I don’t care what color the balltop is, I just need one with the PCB.


I got one… no ball top tho’

But if it doesn’t matter it shouldn’t matter rly, no?

Yeah that’s fine, so long as it has the pcb. I have my own ball tops. Shoot me your paypal address and total price to NZ.

I haven’t received anything from the above person, so, I guess I’m still looking.


Edit: Just to clarify, this isn’t me, nor am I in any way associated with this seller. I just saw this earlier today and thought it might help your situation

Thanks, but I’m not sure if that’s an LS-32-01 stick. I’ll send them an email and see.

it is a ls32 01

pm sent