WTB LS-33 Spring

I need one of these springs, and I’m not willing to pay much. This is ONLY a spring which retails for $.95 cents on LL, and approximately about $1 on AkiShop. Let’s be reasonable, first class mail is $.42 now and $.44 on May 11th. I understand some people have purchased a pack of springs from Home Depot, but I don’t need a pack of useless springs sitting around my already cramped living space.

Thanks guys.

the home depot spring that is similar to the ls 33 is a lot softer than the 33 anyway.

Thanks for the heads up.

I’m still looking. I was given a $9.86 Canadian quote from infamouskid, so I’m obviously not going that route.

Anybody… please?

I might have one, let me check…

10 bucks for a spring? yeah right

Okay, last shameless bump.