WTB. M3 DS Real

Hello, like the title says, im looking to buy an M3 DS Real, for the nintendo ds with a 2G-MSD, or if anyone knows about something better than the M3 DS Real, please let me know.

things i got for trade in case the seller wants something:
Hori EX for the Xbox 360 stocked
Hori EX for the Xbox 360 modded with Sanwa GT-Y 8way.
Zelda Hourglass DS
Castlevania Portrait of Ruin

I also got this All Sanwa stick that im willing to trade for the M3 DS Real+2G MSD + a nintendo DS (slim)

you got pics of that? I’d be willing to buy it I dont have the item you are searching for

i dont have pics of EXes, but ill get them tomorrow, anyways, lets see, if i find the item im looking for, if not, ill let you know, ok, thanks for the interest.

Don’t support DS piracy :frowning:

Oh, hell, is this illegal in this forum??? i saw somebody selling one, but if it illegal, please any MOD let me know, and i will delete everything and tell a Mod to close it, sorry if its not allowed.

Uhh I have no clue if it’s illegal in these forums, lol. I just know that the M3 is used to play ROMs of DS games, emulators etc.

See, practically my whole freaking family (Brother, sister, sister’s fiance, friend, friend’s cousin, and NEPHEW) have one, and to me it’s just disturbing. Why? Well, regardless of any defense they or anyone else explains to me, I’ll never be convinced that it’s okay or justified. I mean, people put time and effort into creating these games—whether we like them or not. “But I’m just one person,” yeah, until EVERYONE thinks like that.

I know it’s probably far fetched to say that all the companies will eventually go belly up because of the piracy…but either way, it’s hurting it. Obviously this is just mostly personal morals, but still.

Anyways sorry to rant off there…I’m just so sick of that thing, I almost wish emulation was never discovered.

This is not illegal… The device is not illegal at all, it is made to play homebrew programs and doesn’t infringe on anything with Nintendo.

Basically… the device is not made to play NDS ROMs, that’s up to the user.

i thought r4 was better

Neither are really better than the other, it’s preference thing, like Sanwa vs. Seimitsu.
I like M3’s interface more, and it’s cheaper.

Thanks for you comments guys, i already got a deal with one of the poster in my thread, so the other item will be available once the transaction goes through.
both Exes, are on hold, for the guys that PMed me. so by next week ill have everything for sale. thanks.