WTB : Mad Catz TE Full Panel Plexi


First 6 buttons.

Just checking to see if anyone has this at a decent price before I order from Arthong.

yea…art has them at great prices.

I mean…with shipping, how much are you trying to save here?

i wish his shipping wasnt 10 bucks for 1 panel :slight_smile:

then order 2. and it wont be :]

I’m trying to save as much as possible. Also, I’d like to not have to wait 2 weeks for it.

I know it sux to have to wait, but his quality is top notch. I think he’s the only person doing them right now anyway.

no 1 complains about the quality he just wants it faster and a lil cheaper seeing its 10 through shipping through art so its almost 40 bucks for 1

Maybe I’m not clear. I know he makes them. I’ve ordered 4 from him before. I am looking to see if someone else has ordered one of these from him and does not need theirs. I don’t need you guys to tell me he does good work. Thx though.