WTB: Mad Catz TE or TE-S Side Panels


Hi there, I’m looking for TE side panels in black or TE-S side panels in special colors. Just let me know what you have via pm or here. Thanks! B)


let me see if i still have a pair of white ones

EDIT: couldn’t find them. sorry


I have some TE wings I don’t have any use for and replaced with the flatter TE-S side panels. They were from an MLG TE so they’re painted with sparkly crap, but with sandpaper you should be able to get it all off. The left (blue) side already has a lot of the sparkly crap removed, and that was just from normal handling.

I guess I could put up some pictures later and maybe even just sand them myself…


@triple_lei right on, but I’d rather have stock and don’t want to deal with sanding and painting.


thanks to @Yenjoi for the black te-s side panels. We had an issue with the description and condition of them but he kept good communication and made it right, so positive feedback for him.

Updated OP with new wants :#