WTB: Mad Catz TE2/ TE2+ Side Panels

More specifically the red translucent side panels.

Shipping would be to to the UK, however i’m willing to pay up front.

Any help in finding these would be much appreciated.

You can buy a new set from Mad Catz. http://eustore.madcatz.com/Categories-EU_2/fightsticks-category-EU/Arcade-FightStick-Tournament-Edition-2-Side-Panels.html

Thanks but none of those are what im looking for. Im after the ones attached to the stick below.

Perhaps someone will prove me wrong, but I don’t think that version of the TE2 ever made it to market. From what I can tell, it was a pre-production model of the Killer Instinct TE2, which was changed to the version with black sides, KI art, and Sanwa OBSC buttons when they actually released it. MCZ recycled the art for the non-KI TE2, but changed the sides to solid red and the buttons to Sanwa Dark Hai, rather than those generic translucent buttons.

Yep. The red is opaque. I’ve never seen a transparent set. That TE2 design changed by the time it was released.

Well thats a shame…

Still, thanks for informing me guys :slight_smile: